Our mission: find a cure for Dystonia and Parkinson's through the charitable funding of medical research.


Our Beginning

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On January 5th of 2009 my mother, Joan Dugan, lost her battle with Dystonia and Parkinson’s disease after more than 11 years of painful struggle. Once a public speaker, victims’ rights advocate, and counselor to domestic abuse victims, she was stripped of her ability to walk, speak, or perform any of the essential acts of daily living. She endured multiple brain surgeries, years of physical therapy, dozens of medications and treatments, and more. Eventually, the complications stemming from Dystonia/Parkinson’s ended her life at the young age of 61. She was the mother of two, grandmother of one, counselor to hundreds, and a living example of strength, courage, compassion, and humanity seldom seen. Throughout the duration of her illness, Joan never complained, never asked ‘why me?’ And she never stopped fighting. In her honor and in an effort to help more than one million Americans like her, we continue to fight.

Our family formed the Joan Elizabeth Foundation to raise funds that will be donated directly to the world’s leading physicians and researchers, specializing in the treatments for Parkinson’s and Dystonia. The research being done is aimed at developing more effective treatments for the debilitating symptoms of both disorders, and ultimately, an outright cure.


“We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need, because it is the most simple of gestures that make the most significant of differences.”

— Miya Yamanouchi


The Foundation hosts charitable events in major metropolitan areas. Primarily held in Hotels, Conference Halls, Country Clubs, etc., the focus is to collect charitable donations from interested parties through social events, golf outings, dinners, receptions, etc., as a means of furthering the mission of the Foundation and its cause. All monies raised are donated to researchers and scientists in the form of grant assistance to help fund ongoing research.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to find better treatments and ultimately cures for the movement disorders Dystonia and Parkinson's through the charitable funding of medical research, and to raise awareness of the diseases.



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Get Involved

Sign up for one of our next fundraising events HERE and bring your friends. Spend an evening having a blast, knowing that your good time is going to a good cause. It's that simple. We want you to come because it's fun and keep coming because helping makes you feel good.

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